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Top 10 PUBG Mobile tips: To become a pro!

Are you a PUBG fanboy and goin’ crazy about it day by day? Then you’ll happy to know that in this post, I am going to tell you some cool PUBG Mobile tips which will not only upgrade your gameplay skill and will also help you to become a pro player! Isn’t this sound crazy? And using these PUBG Mobile tips will also help you in rank pushing and to get “Winner-Winner, chicken-dinner” in every match.

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Top 10 PUBG Mobile tips:

1. Peek & Fire:

Turning on Peek and Fire not just help you to feel like a pro! But also proffer you great advantages in a match. You can use peek and fire in both long and close-range fights. And you can easily enable this feature you have to go in settings and then in basics. Enabling peek and fire will completely change your gameplay as it provides you the following features:

  • It helps in reducing recoil.
  • You can fire without exposing your whole body.
  • It makes it difficult for the enemy to aim at you as you are continuously peeking and firing.

But this feature has one disadvantage also, Using peek fire might not expose your whole body but expose your head which gives a clear shot to a sniper. All this feature adds it to the list of PUBG Mobile tips.

Peek & Fire

2. Parachute right:

For having a Chicken dinner like a pro! First, you must land like a pro. Starting a match with perfect landing helps you in a lot of ways. If you parachute right, Then you can land faster and earlier than other players, which offer you many benefits like having more time for looting and spotting enemies location. Here I’m gonna tell you some tips related to it.

Choose your landing spot:

If you wanted to land on low-risk areas for loot and camping then you must land at places like Zharki, Gatka, Severny, Stabler, Kameshki, Ferry Pier, Quarry, Mansion, Prison, Hospital, Ruins. But if you wanted to land on places with more loot and risk then you can land on places like Pochinki, Georgopol, Military base, Novorepnoye, School, Rozhok, Mylta.

Choose your landing spot

How to land faster:

Before talking about how to land faster you must know the advantages of landing faster than other players. Landing faster than other players gives you more time for looting guns and armor which allows you to kill your enemies easily and it is one of the best PUBG Mobile tips.

So how to land faster?

  • First, mark the location where you want to land.
  • Then jump when 800m distance left between you and your marked location.
  • Then move your left joystick in 10 o clock direction and place the head of your character towards downwards. (as shown in image)
how to land faster

But if the distance is more then 1200m then:

  • Jump when the plane comes 90 degrees to your marked place.
  • Cover Horizontal distance till you reach the mark.
  • Then proceed vertically by keeping the head of your character downwards.
  • In this way, your maximum speed can be 234km/h.

Booyah! Now you become a pro lander.

3. Choose your weapon combo:

Choosing the best weapon combo is the key to win a match. Having a proper weapon combo helps you in a fight and increases your chance to have “winner-winner, chicken-dinner.” If you don’t have any weapon combo, then I’ll suggest some best weapon combo that I use personally:

  • M416 + DP28 = Destruction. (True AF)
  • AKM + DP28
  • M416 + M24/KAR98.
  • UZI + M416.
  • GROZA + AWM = Enemies R.I.P (Rest In Peace).

So these were some weapon combo that I use personally. If you have any suggestions or any new weapon combo, then you can drop that at the comment box to make this PUBG Mobile tips post better. 🙂

4. Use headphones:

Using headphones in PUBG Mobile is essential if you want to become a pro player or want to win a match. Using headphones provides you many features as you can easily hear the sound of enemy footsteps, you can hear the sound of the plane (for landing drop), and you can also hear the sound of vehicles moving around you. All these cool features add it to the list of best PUBG Mobile tips

Wired or wireless headphones?

For mobile gaming, we should always go for wired headphones because wired headphones have lower latency as compared to wireless headphones. Higher the latency, the more delayed will be the sound in gaming.  You can find decent quality earphones in the range of Rs 500 to Rs 1000. However, purchasing headphones is always recommended over earphones.

Use Ultra-Sound SFX:

Enabling ultra-sound SFX will give you richer and distinct sounds that help you to improve your gameplay. How to enable ultra-sound SFX? follow the steps given below:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to the Audio option in settings.
  • Then enable Ultra-sound SFX.
Ultra-Sound SFX

5. Use 4 finger claw:

PUBG Mobile gives a simple 2 finger control layout, which will never help you to become a pro player or to win a fight with other players. Upgrading to 4 finger claw will help you change your gameplay. It’s like upgrading from a noob to pro! Having a perfect 4 finger claw have the efficiency to wipe a squad lonely. It is best in close combat because this technique allows you to jump, move, look around and shoot, all at the same time, which makes it harder to kill you. In far range combat it works the same way, with the player having the additional ability to jump while shooting to avoid returning fire. This is one of the best PUBG Mobile tips.

If you are confused about choosing the best four-finger claw for you, then you can copy the layout I use from the picture given below.

6. Stay along the edges of the zone:

If you want to play a match or want to win it, then the best strategy is to stay along the edges of the zone. This tip will help you to spot the location of enemies, and then you can quickly kill them—this one of the best PUBG Mobile tips. Staying along the edge of the zone is the best way to play safe, but don’t forget to take a cover of any building, house, tree, stone, or even a bush. This feature adds it to the list of best PUBG Mobile tips.

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7. Adjust Graphics:

The graphic is one of the main factors on which your game is dependent. It makes your gameplay smoother but may cause some problems like lags and dropping framerates. So you have to adjust graphics according to your device’s processor. Having high graphics also helps you to spot enemies more easily. This adds it to the list of PUBG Mobile tips.

Frame Rates:

Frame rates are the number of frames that show up on your screen every second. Higher the frame rates more will be the game smoother, lower the frame rates more the game will be laggy. You should set it on Ultra/Extreme or the highest option in your settings.


After setting the frame rate at high option available in your device you must set your graphics on smooth. Setting graphics on smooth will help to make your game smoother and help you to spot enemies easily.

So all these features add it to the lis of best PUBG Mobile tips.

Adjust Graphics

8. Use gyroscope:

PUBG Mobile provides a new feature i.e. gyroscope. You can easily turn on this feature from settings. Using this feature, you have to move your phone to aim at enemies instead of having to touch and drag on the screen. Using this feature will help you to control recoil, improve your aiming and accuracy. Gyroscope is like a mouse of a computer. If you master the gyro then you can bring the accuracy of the mouse in PUBG Mobile. All these features add it to the list of best PUBG Mobile tips.

Gyro is so much OP. You definitely need to use a gyroscope. You can take quick snipe shots but you need to do practice try some drills to master like target switch. You can practice it in the training ground and can also practice it in a Team deathmatch (TDM).


9. Don’t stay still like a Duck:

Staying at the same place for a long time increases the chance for you to get a headshot. In PUBG there are a lot of people like to use sniper and standing at the same place as a duck gives them a clear shot to kill you! So stay alert from the next time. Instead of staying still, you should take cover (like trees, bushes, stones, and small houses).

10. Change the quick chat message:

The Quick chat message is very used when you aren’t able to open your mic or having a mic glitch. It gives you different quick messages like enemies ahead, I got supplies, Form up on me, wait, ok, no, get in the car, and numerous more useful quick messages. For changing the quick chat according to your choice, you simply have to go to Settings and then to Quick Chat. All these features add it to the list of best PUBG Mobile tips.

quick chat message


So these were some PUBG Mobile tips which might help you to improve your gameplay and gives you a better experience. If you have suggestions or questions, you can drop it in the comment box.

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