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Tactical fast charger- 7x charging speed? Full review 2021.

Whether you are an android or apple user, everyone wants to skip the 1-2 hours long charging process. And many users also buy some ordinary fast charger to boost their mobile’s charging speed. As many people don’t know about the Tactical fast charger cord. This charging cord provides us some fantastic features like 7x charging speed and 480 Mbps file transfer speed. This charging cable is created by the US military, at a very affordable price.

The tactical fast charger cord is not like other charging cords as it is specially designed by and for The US military. But somehow, this product available for everyone for a limited period. So, you can buy it now by clicking the link given below in the article.

Many of you people don’t know about the Tactical fast charging cord. So in this article, you’ll get a full Tactical fast charger review, Its features, What makes it better than other cables, how to buy it, and is it worth it? After checking this, you can also check our other articles: best buy earphones & best Android apps.

Tactical fast charger features:

The tactical fast charger is manufactured with military technology, which makes it better and advancer than other chargers. It is specially designed with military standards which presents some marvelous features and can also assure you that after reading all these features, you’ll order one for your device. Some features of the tactical fast charger are:

  • Designed by the US Military.
  • Supports 7x charging.
  • 480 Mbps file transfer speed.
  • Kevlar double braided cable.
  • Smart chip prevents overheating & overheating.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Anti-Fold Technology.
  • Anti-Stretch Technology
  • Aluminium Alloy tip.

Aren’t you amazed by all these cool features of this charging cord? Let us known by commenting down in the comment box.

What makes it better than other cables?

If we start talking about what makes the tactical fast charging cord better then other fast charging cord, Then I can tell you hundreds of reasons why the tactical fast charger is better then others!
Regular fast charging cords usually affect your device by some major problems like overheating and overcharging, But the tactical fast charger cord comes with a smart chip that prevents overheating and overcharging. Unlike other chargers, you don’t have to buy this cable again and again because of breaking issues, as this cable comes with an anti-stretch and anti-fold feature, which makes the cord stronger than the other cables. Like these features, there are even more features which make it better than the other cables.

Let’s check the difference between a normal charging cord and a tactical charging cord through a table.

FeaturesNormal CableTacticle fast charging cord
3A High Current
Power Module
Kevlar double braided cableNoYes
480 Mbps file transfer speedNoYes
Anti-Stretch TechnologyNoYes
Anti-Fold TechnologyNoYes
Affordable priceYesYes
SR CoverageNoYes

Well, you can get all these features, at the price of your standard charging cord. And all these features make this charging cable better than the other charging cables.

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How to buy it?

Buying this charging cord is difficult as these charging cords are not available in local shops or online shopping sites. But if you are willing to buy one for you, then you can order it from the official site of this product. This product is available on sale for a limited period. So order one for you, as soon as possible!

So Click Here to buy!

How to charge your smartphone properly?

Here are some charging tips that you can use if you are using a normal charging cable. By using these tips, you can save your phone’s battery life.

1. Don’t overcharge your phone

Overcharging the device always affect your phone’s battery life. Plugging in charges for the long periods, usually raise the temperature of your phone’s battery and affects its durability. If you are the person who plugin the charger for a long time, then you must prevent it.

2. Don’t use your phone while charging

Using your while charging causes many problems like overheating and affect your phone’s battery life. When you operate the software on your phone while charging it lead to problem like overheating and overheating always affects battery life. So, you shouldn’t use your phone while charging.

3. Don’t drop the battery to zero before charging

Instead of replacing your phone battery after every year, you shouldn’t drop the battery to zero before charging as it affects your phone’s battery life. According to research, your phone’s battery lasts longer when it’s above 30% and lower than 80%.


So, guys, this is the full review of the tactical fast charger cord. In this article, we’ve covered the whole topic like how to buy it, features, who is it better than other cables, and is it worth it? We’ve hoped our article helped you and let us know you liked our article by commenting down. Don’t be too greedy, also share this article with your friends.

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