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5 Best ways to Fix “SSL connection error” on your Android device.

Hey there, are confused by getting all the same error “SSL connection error” every time while you are surfing on the internet? If your answer is yes, then you’ve landed on the very right article. In this article, I’ll tell you the 5 Best way to Fix “SSL connection error” on your Android device.

So what is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is a security protocol used to secure your connection between the server and your browser. In simple language, used for safer and secure browsing.

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So without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the cream of the article.

Why does the SSL connection error appear?

This error could appear while surfing on the internet. The reason could be whether there’s a problem with the hosting server of the website, or the problem could be in your android device like incorrect date and time, insecure wifi connection, and many more,

You can easily fix this error from your android device. All you have to do is follow the steps given below!

How to Fix SSL connection error on Android?

1. Clear your history, cache, and google cookies

There could be an overload in your chrome browser if you haven’t clean your history, cache, and google cookies in a while.
You can clear it from the settings within a few seconds. And by doing this, you can easily fix the error.

How to clean history, cache, and google cookies in a few seconds?

  1. Go to your chrome settings.
  2. After opening it, click on the privacy option under the basics.
  3. After opening it, you’ll get the option to clear history, cache, and google cookies.

If this step didn’t work, jump to the next one!

2. Check your date and time is correct

It is one of the common slips causing the error. You can possibly face this error because of an incorrect time and date. So open chrome and enable the automatic date and time option.

If this step didn’t work, jump to the next one!

3. Disable your anitvirus for a while

Many times your it’s your antivirus which is resisting chrome from working. Many times antivirus causes the SSL connection error. To check if this is the reason, you have to disable your antivirus for a while. And then have to check whether the browser is working or not.

If it’s working after disabling the antivirus, then you should change your antivirus, or you can also email the vendor for help.

And if not working, then you should try the next step.

4. Check your Wifi connection

Another reason causing the error could be an insecure public wifi connection. So disconnect it and try connecting your device with a private network or cellular network.

If this step didn’t work, the next one would help for sure!

5. Check for update

If you’re getting the same error, the reason could be you’re having an older version of chrome. By updating the chrome to the latest version, can possibly help you to fix this error, and can enjoy your internet surfing.


So, fellas, this is how you can fix the SSL connection error on your android device. I hope you liked our article and it might be helpful to you. If you have any queries or suggestions, then let us know by dropping it in the comment box. And don’t be too greedy, also share this article with your friends.

You can also check out the video given below to understand How to fix the “SSL connection error” on your android device.

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