The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020

20 Best Android Apps you should try now!

On google play store, there are over millions of apps available, which makes us a little confusing that which app is beneficial to us.
But by installing the right apps you can easily make your smartphone faster! smoother! and advance!. So in this post, I’m gonna tell you The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020.

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The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020. :

1. Adobe Lightroom:

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best and intuitive photo editor available on google play store. The best part of it is that it is freely available on the play store. This app also appears in the list of best camera apps! By using this app you can easily add filters and edit your image’s like a pro! Owning all that advanced feature for free in your android makes this app cool!

Adobe Lightroom
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2.TrueAmps :

True Amps is one of the best charging animation app which activates when you plug-in your charger. This app provides your smartphone with a cool display and with some impressive effects!

There is one more feature that forces us to install this app i.e. this app comes with no intrusive ads and nonsense like other apps! It’s just a cool charging animation app.

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3. Filter Box :

The filter box is a Pro notification manager which comes with a variety of functions and smooth experience! This app keeps the notification in the form of a timeline for a better experience. This app provides you a detailed analysis static of your notification i.e it comes in the list of The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020.

Filter Box

4.Netflix :

If you are looking for the most talked TV films and the programs! then they all are on Netflix.
On Netflix, you’ll get all the award-winning films, series, and documentation.
You can easily search the name of the movie and can easily stream it on your mobile, laptop, or your Android TV. It’s my fav app i.e it’s in the list of The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020.
Here you can create up to 5 profiles! So that 5 people can have there personalized Netflix.


5.Zedge :

Using Zedge you can easily personalize your smartphone with Funny ringtones and cool HD wallpapers.
In Zedge, there are over millions of stunning wallpapers, video wallpaper, ringtones, stickers, alarm sound, and notification sound which makes it the part of the 20 Best Android Apps for 2020.

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6. Mega :

Mega is one of the best cloud storage providers available on the Play store! it’s not like other cloud storage providers, It encrypts, and decrypts your data by your client devices only and never by someone else.
You can easily upload your data/file by your smartphone and can also easily view, rename, share, or delete your file.
It offers you 50 GB of free storage for your device. You can also get more storage but you have to pay for it.

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7. Metropolis :

Metropolis is a live wallpaper app.
Using Metropolis you can give a stunning look to your lock screen and home screen menu.
Metropolis has its theme based on major cities and buildings of North America and you can also adjust the camera parameters.
It also provides you an adjustable vibrance and brightness.


8. Lightning Launcher :

The lightning launcher is the simplest launcher available on the play store. The features which make it better than other launchers are that it fast, light, and easily customizable than other launchers.

Because of its customizable feature, no other launcher can compete with it. And by using this feature you can easily design your own home screen.

Lightning Launcher

9. Azar :

Azar is goin’ trendy nowadays! There are over 400 million downloads worldwide.
Azar is an online video call platform where you can make new friends and can talk to new people worldwide.
You can select the region and gender to start the conservation.
You can add new people to your friend list and spark conversations.


10. Glitch Lab :

Glitch Lab is one of the best photo editor app available on play store.
By using it you can easily edit your photo with over 100s of cool effects and it is endlessly configurable.
Here all the filters are well organized in categories.
Here you can combine filters to produce an unlimited variation of art.

Glitch Lab

11. Parallel Space :

If you want to clone and run multiple accounts on the same phone then parallel space is one of the best app available on the play store.
By this app, two users can easily use one phone with their own personal space and the users are also able to customize their theme.
Parallel space supports 24 languages and it is compatible with all android Apps.
It also ensures to protect your privacy. Over 90 million users are using it.

Parallel Space

12. Spotify :

Spotify is an App where you can discover, sync, and listen to music.
Here you can also listen to original podcasts.
Here you can listen to free music and can download songs to create your playlist.
Here you can listen to pop music, rock, jazz, classic, Latin, heavy metal, garage, and much more!


13. Almighty volume key :

Almighty volume key is the App by which you remap the hardware of your volume keys.
Instead of increasing and decreasing volume, you can unlock a lot of cool features like by using volume key you can control music, record sound, on and off the flashlight, change screen orientation, open keyboard picker, control auto-rotation, on and off Bluetooth, set sound mode and many more!

Almighty volume key

14. Windscribe VPN :

Windscribe VPN is one of the best VPN available on the play store. Here you will never confuse with the settings and menu, just one tap to start it. Here you get up to 10GB of data per month for free.
You can use it on your android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Window.
Here you can access servers in over 60 countries with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited connections.

Windscribe VPN
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15. Mobile Security :

Mobile security is one of the best mobile security and antivirus protection App.
It is powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence.
It protects your personal information and keeps your private data safe from spying eyes.
It comes with a powerful VPN and mobile security tool and it also helps to enhance the performance of your device by regular cleaning of junk and cached files.

Mobile Security
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16. Mimo :

Mimo is a famous coding learning App.
Here you can learn programming languages, Apps making, websites designing, and many more.
Here you can learn programming languages likes Python, Java, Html, Javascript, CSS, Swift, Kotlin, C++, SQL, PHP, and many more! Do you know the best part of it? It’s free i.e it is in the list of The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020.

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17. FilmoraGo :

FilmoraGo is the best video editing App. Here you can easily edit your videos with cool effects, music, and without having any watermark. And the best part which makes you more excited about this app is it’s free.
Here you can add some cool effects like reverse effect, transitions, overlay & filter, slow up & speed up and many more.i.e it is in the list of The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020.

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18. Digital Wellbeing :

Using Digital Wellbeing you can easily check your daily digital habits and disconnect whenever you want.
By using it you can check the visual screen time, pinpoint noisy apps, work on the phone, and you can manage your digital Wellbeing.
It comes with cool features like Wind Down mode (Which will remind you of your schedule), do not disturb mode (It mute all the notifications for better sleep), and Focus mode (It pause all distracting apps so that you can better focus on your time).i.e it is in the list of The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020.

Digital Wellbeing
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19. TikTok :

TikTok is a worldwide popular app.
Here you can make short mobile videos with special effects, cool filters, music, stickers, and many more.
Here you can do dance, comedy vlog, food, sport, DIY and everything in between.i.e it is in the list of The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020.


20. AirDroid :

AirDroid is a free app by which you can wirelessly control your mobile or tab from Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Some features which make this app super cool are you can transfer files, answer or reject calls via pc, SMS and contact management, Backup & sync, and many more! i.e it is in the list of The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020.

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End –

So these were The 20 Best Android Apps for 2020, I hope you like it and if you have any queries related to this post, so you can ask us through the comment box or send us an email.

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